We make it count with every investment.

Enabling enterprises to train, engage and empower their mobile workforce via an interactive, asynchronous, short-form, rich media platform.

Redesigning period pads to be water dispersible, flushable, biodegradable, microplastics-free and 50% lower in CO2 emissions.

Integrating personalized online learning, AI-pathing, and live 1:1 coaching to increase the success and engagement of women and diverse groups in the workplace.

Chemically upcycling abundant, hard-to-recycle, contaminated plastic waste via a proprietary accelerated thermal oxidation process into high-value, high-performance, cost-competitive materials.

Deploying autonomous “robots as a service” to scan retail aisles 24x7, enabling best-in-class inventory management and store operations.

Manufacturing hand-held PCR devices that empower anyone to test for any infection anywhere with near 100% accuracy in 20 minutes.