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We’re drawn to the line where creative entrepreneurs and emerging technologies intersect with social, economic, and environmental trends.

Today’s innovations and choices will determine the quality of life for future generations. We’re seeking mission-driven entrepreneurs who are tackling the world’s most pressing problems, and who believe that purpose and profit go hand-in-hand.

Our investment lens.

We focus on three catalyzing megatrends—undeniable environmental, social, and economic forces that are unfolding globally, presenting pivotal choices and generating new investment opportunities.

  1. Monitoring for, adapting to, and mitigating the effects of climate change to improve economic resiliency and quality of life for future generations. Read More

  2. Reimagining "waste" as a resource, advancing recycled materials, designing for circularity, and regenerating natural systems to create abundance from perceived scarcity. Read More

  3. Increasing access to clean energy, enhancing consumer choice through data transparency, and improving health and wealth outcomes for individuals and society at large. Read More

Your thing. Our thing.

We view all relationships and partnerships as potential for mutual growth and impact through trust and reciprocity. We begin with “Your Thing.”

Your Thing

  • You expect a partner you can trust.
  • You appreciate hands-on experience balancing growth with governance.
  • You believe a partnership is defined by listening and collaboration.
  • You seek a partner who regards your time as your most valuable asset.
  • You value a firm whose mission is aligned with yours.

Our Thing

  • We trust people over algorithms.
  • We believe innovative companies come from anywhere.
  • We stand for building thoughtful technology that makes life better for everyone.
  • We seek entrepreneurs, partners, and investors who unite purpose with profits.
  • We value diversity as a source of resilience, creativity, and insight.

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Our impact.

Venture capital for sustainable outcomes

As a proud and early signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, we’ve committed to be net zero by 2040, both for Valo itself and for our portfolio, with interim goals by 2030. We deploy a variety of impact measurement tools, including life cycle assessments and investment attributes scoring, and support our portfolio companies to decarbonize as they scale.

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