Venture capital for a brighter future.

We’re drawn to the line where creative entrepreneurs and emerging technologies intersect with social, economic, and environmental trends.

Why? Because we believe that today’s innovative companies will determine the quality of life for our kids and future generations. We're looking for mission-driven entrepreneurs who believe that purpose and profit go together naturally.

What Matters To Us

  1. Climate Change

    Climate Change

    Monitoring, adapting to, and mitigating the effects of climate change to improve economic resiliency and the quality of life for future generations.

  2. Circular Economy

    Circular Economy

    Improving resource efficiency, advancing materials, designing for recycling, reimagining “waste” as a resource, and regenerating natural systems to create abundance from perceived scarcity.

  3. Empowered People

    Empowered People

    Creating personalized, transparent, frictionless products and services that empower people and align with their values.

Our Thing

  • We prefer people over algorithms.
  • We expect innovative companies to come from anywhere.
  • We believe that technology should serve us and make life easier.
  • We seek entrepreneurs, partners, and investors who unite purpose with profits.
  • We see diversity as a source of resilience and insight.

Your Thing

  • You expect a partner you can trust.
  • You appreciate hands-on experience balancing growth with governance.
  • You believe a partnership is defined by listening and collaboration.
  • You seek a partner who regards your time as your most valuable asset.