We are thoughtfully optimistic.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, corporate advisors, board members and investors who offer our partners access to a global network, decades of experience growing businesses, and a track record of successful investing.

While the challenges facing future generations are vast, we remain confident in the creativity of startups, the application of emerging technologies, and the increasing dynamism of global markets.

Valo Partners

We discover

We find creative entrepreneurs applying digital and cloud-scale technologies to solve well-defined problems in the physical world. Our ideal investments are venture- and growth-stage companies that are driven by purpose and profit, while being committed to long-term environmental, social, and corporate governance values.

We invest

We find alignment with entrepreneurs who seek a thought partner as they build their business and welcome strategic insights based on our collaboration with corporate LPs. We invest with our whole selves, offering the accumulation of our life experiences, business acumen, and deep understanding of technology to our partners.

We regenerate

Our investments support companies forging a bold path to a regenerative economy–one in which the end condition is better than the original state. We back businesses that develop people and global capacity while respecting natural resources and restoring–not depleting–the environment. And as collaborative investors, we honor the trust our limited partners place in us by working to multiply their capital.

Our values.

  • Make it count.

    We champion founders and businesses building innovative solutions to real problems that generate attractive investment returns while delivering positive societal and environmental impact.

  • Make it beautiful.

    We aim to be thoughtful, creative, and additive in our work. We strive for beautiful outcomes and to pay it forward.

  • Make it last.

    We seek entrepreneurs and partners with a shared vision for long-term solutions and long-term relationships.

Valo is a Nordic root word meaning source of light.

Warmth, luminosity, progress, positivity.

Valo possesses many positive associations in English, including values, valor, and validate. The word Valo represents our partnership style with entrepreneurs to help realize their vision, the collaborative way we work with fellow investors, and our optimistic outlook on the world.