Meet the team.

The Valo team is united by our shared values and commitment to building a brighter future on planet Earth.

  • Scott Tierney Scott Tierney
    • Scott Tierney has sweated the small stuff and the big stuff (and contemplates the difference).
    • Scott Tierney learned everything he needed to know about leading teams on the rugby pitch.
    • Scott Tierney proves you can get a job out of college with a degree in social studies.

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  • Mona ElNaggar Mona ElNaggar
    • Mona ElNaggar is a corporate finance and boardroom ninja.
    • Mona ElNaggar is a proud, nerdy graduate of the university “where fun goes to die.”
    • Mona ElNaggar knows sfogliatelle and shawarma from spätzle and shabu-shabu.

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  • Julia Trotman Brady Julia Trotman Brady
    • Julia Trotman Brady is most likely to ask the question that reframes your challenge.
    • Julia Trotman Brady navigates new cultures as effortlessly as her Olympic dinghy.
    • Julia Trotman Brady eats marketing cliches for breakfast.

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  • Subodh Gupta Subodh Gupta
    • Subodh Gupta knows what to “Flex” in order to scale a business.
    • Subodh Gupta is our international sommelier and noodle connoisseur.
    • Subodh Gupta absorbs all manner of content…as long as the Washington Football Team isn't playing.

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  • Sam Suskind Sam Suskind
    • Sam Suskind embodies the value of hard work.
    • Sam Suskind puts in the legwork to support his teams in the office and on the soccer field.
    • Sam Suskind is frequently found in the field…as a ranch hand and startup supporter.

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  • Brett Teele Brett Teele
    • Brett Teele skillfully combines pragmatism in accounting with ambition in finance.
    • Brett Teele loves how venture provides an insider lens of the future.
    • Brett Teele believes innovation is much like golf, a game that you can never win but can always improve on.

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  • Alison Berman Alison Berman
    • Alison Berman hopes that more science fiction becomes science fact in the future of climate innovation.
    • Alison Berman learned her most profound lessons on team dynamics while climbing mountains as a teenager.
    • Alison Berman is a whole-human focused teammate.

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  • Byron Hurlbut Byron Hurlbut
    • Byron Hurlbut brings a relentless curiosity, wherever he finds himself.
    • Byron Hurlbut covers more ground for Valo than he does on his bike.
    • Byron Hurlbut is the ultimate team player — except if it's a powder day.

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  • The Valo Team The Valo Team
    • The Valo Team has been mission-driven since meeting each other back in the '80s.
    • The Valo Team believes in finding a little Earth Day every day in every one of us.