We make it count with every investment.

Arris Composites

Unlocking the world’s highest performance composites for the masses.


Making operational excellence easy and accessible for companies of all shapes and sizes.


Informing, engaging and empowering the deskless workforce so they can perform at their best.


Increasing the success and engagement of women and diverse groups in the workplace.

Myst AI

Developing an AI platform for electricity demand and supply forecasting.


Strengthening humanity through critical weather insights.


Revolutionizing the waste management industry to make a profound impact on environmental sustainability.

Simbe Robotics

Revitalizing brick-and-mortar retail with e-commerce-level data and insight.


Reimagining cities to make them more livable for 7 billion people.

Visby Medical

Empowering anyone to test for any infection anywhere with near 100% accuracy.

Wise Systems

Transforming local and last-mile delivery through AI-driven automation.