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Latest Investment

Leveraging material science to unlock the potential of abundant, carbon-free, 24/7 geothermal energy.

Combining performance composites with automated, high-volume molding that revolutionizes the design, strength, weight, cost and recyclability of carbon fiber based materials for mass markets.

Combining machine learning and a knowledge graph of global biodiversity to discover and optimize complex proteins to build products for the bio-economy.

Permanently sealing methane leaks in oil and gas wells with an innovative biomineralization technology that utilizes safe and natural bacteria.

Aligning 100% reclaimed carbon fiber along the Z-axis via a proprietary process to enhance the performance and durability of lightweight materials in electric vehicles, aerospace and consumer electronics.

Bringing cost-competitive cultivated pork and beef to the consumer market through cutting-edge biotechnology and uniquely low-cost cell culture media.

Enabling enterprises to train, engage and empower their mobile workforce via an interactive, asynchronous, short-form, rich media platform.

Redesigning period pads to be water dispersible, flushable, biodegradable, microplastics-free and 50% lower in CO2 emissions.

Validating the integrity of clean energy consumption is at the heart of a successful energy transition.

An electrical grid powered by low-cost and clean renewable energy requires a massive increase in energy storage. Inlyte Energy’s grid battery leverages the proven design…

Integrating personalized online learning, AI-pathing, and live 1:1 coaching to increase the success and engagement of women and diverse groups in the workplace.

Transforming boilers and furnaces to convert natural gas to clean hydrogen on site utilizing methane pyrolysis to eliminate CO2 emissions.

Myst AI


Building sophisticated forecasting models for electricity markets using machine learning and time series data.

Chemically upcycling abundant, hard-to-recycle, contaminated plastic waste via a proprietary accelerated thermal oxidation process into high-value, high-performance, cost-competitive materials.

Achieving science-based targets through enterprise software that calculates, monitors and manages scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for global supply chains.

Deploying proprietary sensors to measure radio occultations at scale, providing key atmospheric data to radically improve weather forecasting, planning, climate modeling and adaptation.

Using AI and optimized fleet routing software to match businesses with multi-stream waste haulers and sites to dramatically increase recycling rates and reduce cost.

Deploying autonomous “robots as a service” to scan retail aisles 24x7, enabling best-in-class inventory management and store operations.

Automating how large corporations monitor, price, analyze and reduce carbon emissions through an enterprise software platform and real-time marginal abatement cost curve analyses.

Delivering a cloud-based, geospatial urban intelligence platform for professional planners, companies and regulators to improve community resilience and urban living.

Manufacturing hand-held PCR devices that empower anyone to test for any infection anywhere with near 100% accuracy in 20 minutes.

Transforming last-mile delivery through AI-enabled fleet route optimization to improve customer satisfaction, driver experience and productivity while reducing GHG emissions and congestion.