Adaptation requires innovating to compete and thrive in a changing global environment with new resource constraints.

Housing, food, transportation, health and energy are all impacted by our changing climate and natural resource constraints. New technologies and business models that enable regenerative, distributed, secure, and abundant resources will enable sustainable growth for future generations.
At Valo, we are investing in solutions that:

  • Rethink

    Reimagining business models, tools, materials, product designs, agriculture, and risk scenarios in pursuit of harmony between economic growth and climate resiliency.

  • Recycle

    Reengineering products and supply chains to create closed-loop systems, extend the value of existing products across multiple lifetimes, and upcycle waste into higher-performing outputs.

  • Regenerate

    Restoring biodiversity, preventing wildfires, and better monitoring weather through technology innovation that builds natural and financial capital.


Annual adaptation investment is estimated at $160-340 billion by 2030 and $315-565 billion by 2050.

Source: UN Adaptation Gap Report 2022

9 million clean energy-related jobs are forecasted to be created over the next decade, with 10% growth occurring in trade-oriented careers.

Source: Forbes

The EU has banned most single-use plastic food and beverage ware.

Source: European Commission

60% of fashion executives have already invested, or plan to invest, in closed-loop recycling in 2022.

Source: McKinsey

~$47 billion from the IRA is dedicated to backing environmental justice initiatives.

Source: NPR


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