Digitization means designing efficient workflows and applying intelligence to decisions.

A connected ecosystem of data rich technologies—from low cost sensors to applied AI—optimizes resource planning, improves decision-making, removes friction, and enables abundance.
At Valo, we are investing in solutions that:

  • Analyze

    Providing trusted, verifiable data on GHG emissions and sequestration, and generating actionable insights to reduce negative externalities and deliver ROI.

  • Predict

    Forecasting outcomes to enable better corporate decision-making and provide insight into the downstream future effects of today’s actions.

  • Orchestrate

    Optimizing complex systems such as energy markets, supply chains, and distributed energy resources to reduce waste and improve efficiency.


43% of organizations say that they have a vision for using AI in their own efforts to combat climate change.

Source: BCG

Across the highest abating industries, digital technologies can reduce emissions by 20% by 2050.

Source: World Economic Forum

US President Biden issued an executive order for the government to procure 100% renewable energy, of which 50% must be hourly matched.

Source: The White House

AI can be used to help reduce GHG emissions equal to 5% to 10% of an organization’s carbon footprint, or a total 2.6 to 5.3 gigatons of CO2e if scaled globally.

Source: BCG

The energy certificate market is projected to expand from a $12 billion market to a $100 billion market by 2030.

Source: S&P Global


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