Clever Carnivore: Affordable cultivated meat at scale.

Livestock farming supplies nearly 26% of the world’s protein needs, yet current practices generate between 10% and 20% of global GHG emissions.

Clever Carnivore is a cultivated meat company deploying cutting-edge biotechnology to bring low-cost, top-quality pork and beef to the consumer market. Clever Carnivore’s uniquely low-cost cell culture media costs and innovative bioprocess design allow the company to achieve the densities that make mass meat manufacturing possible.

By producing its own basal media and recombinant growth factors in-house, Clever Carnivore has customized and optimized its media for its unique cell lines and production processes, all the while maintaining a FBS free and non-GMO product. 

The company has also designed low-cost bioreactors, allowing them to iterate at volume in a lower cost manner than most competitors, who are constrained by buying expensive bioreactors off the shelf.

Q & A with Clever Carnivore

What motivated you to create your company?

Co-founders Virginia Rangos and Paul Burridge met in a cell culture lab at Johns Hopkins University in 2010. Virginia was a long-time vegetarian, but Paul—a British transplant with a passion for Greggs sausage rolls and Cornish pasties—was a carnivore. Clever Carnivore was founded on their shared commitment to finding a technological solution to the sustainability problems created by traditional agriculture, without asking consumers to forego steak bakes. Drs. Rangos and Burridge founded this company because they believed they had answers to the scientific questions that were holding the field back and that making cultivated meat a reality was the highest and best use of their academic expertise.

Why did you choose to partner with Valo?

Clever Carnivore's strategic partnership with Valo Ventures stems from a shared vision and commitment to revolutionizing the future of protein production. Valo Ventures, with its reputation for supporting groundbreaking technologies and sustainable solutions, aligns with Clever Carnivore's mission to modernize meat production. By joining forces, we aim to leverage Valo Ventures' expertise and resources to accelerate our journey towards providing affordable, delicious cultivated meat and establishing a more sustainable and ethical paradigm in the protein industry. Together, we believe we can make a significant impact on the global landscape of food production, fostering a more sustainable and responsible future.