XGS Energy: Unlocking next-generation geothermal energy with material science.

Firm, carbon-free, renewable, and land-efficient, geothermal energy has the potential to provide abundant power, enable the continued deployment of low-cost renewables and decarbonize the energy sector. However, geothermal energy represents less than 1% of our energy mix today.

XGS Energy has developed proprietary thermally conductive heat-harvesting technology to access geothermal energy. The XGS system decouples geothermal energy production from its historical dependence on natural water resources and geological conditions, unlocking low-risk power project development, geographic flexibility, easier permitting, and faster deployment.

XGS’ integrated system is mechanically efficient and operates in a closed loop such that no water is consumed during operation, it doesn’t interact with the water table, there is no mineral build-up or risk of corrosion, and the rock itself is never put under high pressure or temperatures during construction or operation thereby minimizing the risk of seismic activity.

XGS’ technology unlocks brownfield and greenfield development opportunities with terawatt scale potential around the world.

Q & A with XGS Energy

What motivated you to create the company?

XGS was founded to address two challenges preventing legacy geothermal from scale: (1) “hard to find,” due to dependence on a rare combination of hot rock, right geology, and abundant water resource, and (2) “hard to finance,” due to unpredictable long-term performance and operating cost. The XGS geothermal system can be deployed anywhere there is hot rock, independent of water and geology, and delivers the highly predictable and robust performance required for infrastructure financing. We are motivated by a future in which geothermal contributes to the global energy system at terawatt scale.

Why did you choose to partner with Valo?

We chose to partner with Valo due to Valo’s impressive and wide-ranging leadership in the technology, policy, and finance ecosystems that must be navigated to bring new technology into energy infrastructure. We are also strongly motivated by a shared mission to build a more resilient and sustainable future.