BioSqueeze: Sealing methane leaks in oil and gas wells using a novel biomineralization technology.

Today’s technology fails to seal cracks in wells experiencing sustained casing pressure, resulting in fugitive methane emissions.

With 80x the warming potential in the first 20 years compared to CO2, methane accounts for 20% of global emissions. Historically, operators have been forced to spend large sums of money on repetitive, ineffective interventions in an attempt to plug wells before leaving wells idle, spewing methane.

BioSqueeze’s innovative biomineralization technology utilizes safe bacteria that is naturally-occurring in soil to permanently seal methane leaks in oil and gas wells experiencing sustained casing pressure. Its solution seals even the smallest leakage pathways, which no other technology–not even cement and resin–can reach. BioSqueeze has achieved an industry-leading success rate of +90 percent and sealed over 100 wells. Numerous additional applications exist for their technology, ranging from soil stabilization to infrastructure repair.

Q & A with BioSqueeze

What motivated you to found your company?

BioSqueeze’s innovative biomineralization technology was developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy over a 10-year period to provide the oil and gas industry with the most effective solution for sealing annular leaks in wells to eliminate fugitive emissions.

Why did you choose to partner with Valo?

BioSqueeze chose to partner with Valo due to our alignment with their mission of “investing in a brighter future,” in which we believe we have a large role to play. Our business also fits well with Valo’s focus on the three catalyzing megatrends of climate change, circular economy, and empowered people.