PlanetiQ’s proprietary weather data will extend the standard one-day high-definition weather forecasts out to seven days. This level of accuracy and visibility will enable communities, industries and governments to plan much more efficiently and effectively, thereby saving lives, mitigating damage, and preserving resources. Because PlanetiQ’s satellite sensors will be able to “see” the weather globally at all elevations above the earth, they will also be able to quantify climate change—a required first step in mitigating and adapting to it.


Q & A with PlanetiQ

Why did you choose to partner with Valo?

In the first meeting, the Valo team quickly saw the potential of the company, even though our product is extremely technical. The entire Valo team was immediately engaged, and their diligence process was issue-driven (vs. spreadsheet-driven) and extremely thorough yet efficient. More importantly, before Valo had even made the investment decision, they were making C-suite introductions to potential customers, consulting on partnership opportunities, and offering excellent advice on our go-to-market strategy.