According to the IPCC, limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels requires ambitious action between now and 2030, including halving our CO2 emissions from 2010 levels. More than 1500 large corporations have now committed to net zero by 2050 but they need to make their climate action plans clear and tangible in the short and medium term. Based on their combined 70 years of working with Science Based Targets and the CDP database, Optera’s founders have created an innovative corporate sustainability management platform to drive this net zero movement. Their enterprise software enables companies to set, manage, and achieve emissions targets across supply chains and investment portfolios. Optera creates a shared data platform between brands and suppliers and between investors and the companies in their portfolios, enabling coordinated emissions tracking and management at industry-scale. And when companies can manage emissions, energy, water, and waste across their operations, products, and supply chain in accordance with climate science, they can stop climate change.