We make it count with every investment.

Validating the integrity of clean energy consumption is at the heart of a successful energy transition.

Myst AI


Building sophisticated forecasting models for electricity markets using machine learning and time series data.

Achieving science-based targets through enterprise software that calculates, monitors and manages scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for global supply chains.

Deploying proprietary sensors to measure radio occultations at scale, providing key atmospheric data to radically improve weather forecasting, planning, climate modeling and adaptation.

Using AI and optimized fleet routing software to match businesses with multi-stream waste haulers and sites to dramatically increase recycling rates and reduce cost.

Deploying autonomous “robots as a service” to scan retail aisles 24x7, enabling best-in-class inventory management and store operations.

Automating how large corporations monitor, price, analyze and reduce carbon emissions through an enterprise software platform and real-time marginal abatement cost curve analyses.

Transforming last-mile delivery through AI-enabled fleet route optimization to improve customer satisfaction, driver experience and productivity while reducing GHG emissions and congestion.